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:C-PUMA Int+ Dental electrical motors

Input power: AC24V
Maximun speed:40,O0Orpm
Maximun torque:3.ON. cm
Fit to ISO3964 contra angle and straight handpiece
3.O-inch LCD screen resolution: 24O * 4OO

Motor diameter: 20.6mm


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1-Wide viewing angle color LCD screen;

2-Big size color LCD,rich information display

3-Touch key control, easy to use;

4-Built-in, control panel can be easily installed at any angle

5-Pneumatic I manual start automatically switch;

6-built-in 7 program memory;

7-Custom the air pressure of starting motor;

8-LED lighting delay off time is adjustable.

9-Speed, steering can be adjusted;

l0-The motor can be autoclaved;













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